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Domain Validated Certificates

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To get domain validated certificate applicant would need to prove to Certification Authority that he has control over domain for which the certificate is requested. Certification authority will send approval email either to one of generic email addresses, e.g. admin@ webmaster@ and some other, associated with the domain or to email address from domain WhoIs contacts. If applicant is able to receive that email and approve it, then Certification Authority would issue the certificate. This validation procedure is used to ensure internet users that domain holders are who they claim to be. Domain validated certificate will have no information about applicant's company, it will have only domain name for which it has been issued. Here is what you will see in Page Info of site secured by domain validated certificate:

Web site: 
Owner: This web-site does not supply ownership information. 
Verified by: Name of Certification Authority


With domain validated certificate you can place static site seal on your web site to show clients your site is secure and what Certification Authority has issued the certificate for you.

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