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Announced cPanel Price Increase [Affecting Reseller Hosting and Servers only]

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We have been a long time cPanel supporter and partner and we prided ourselves on offering cPanel to our customer base. On June 27th along with all other cPanel partners, we received notice by email of a drastic change on how cPanel intends on pricing their product. We reached out to our cPanel account representative on how this will affect not only our web hosting servers but many of our VPS, Cloud Server and Dedicated Server. 
At this moment, there are no changes in our shared, Wordpress Hosting or Semi-Dedicated hosting packages. We will continue to offer cPanel to all users and continue to offer the same price. Alternatively, we might offer Directadmin hosting plan with more feature at a lower cost. We hope this remains but with the uncertainty direction of cPanel, we are unsure if this will continue to be the case if there are further cPanel pricing changes.
For our reseller hosting customers it’s likely there will be adjustments to our plans and pricing. Unfortunately, due to the fact cPanel will now charge us for each cPanel account a reseller creates it is going to cause a drastic change in our costs to operate reseller servers. How this will change the pricing and offerings of our reseller plans is still being determined. Pleases terminate any unused account(s) which will affect your reseller hosting fees. We will also offer Directadmin Reseller Hosting in near future for existing resellers or new order. The migration will be free and will also offer unlimited accounts.
For our Cloud Server, VPS and Dedicated Server clients, we will announce the new license pricing very soon once we have confirmation from cPanel. Right now, I would recommend new clients to use Directadmin which has been in the industry for 15 years. Some of our clients would actually prefer Directadmin than cPanel which is bloated with features that are not needed. We will provide free migration from cPanel to Directadmin at no additional cost.
We would like to take a moment to sincerely thank our clients for their patience and understanding regarding this change. 
We know many clients will still have questions or even be confused by this change, so please contact us if you have any questions! We will continue to update this article once we have finalized the pricing. The transition should take place before September 2019.

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